Our delivery options

Ambient delivery

We do our utmost to ensure that your products are protected and that your package is handled with care. We use recycled packaging material where we can so as to limit our consumption of unnecessary waste. We encourage you to return your packaging to us if you wish. If anything is damaged, please don't hesitate to inform us and we'll do what we can to resolve the issue.
Delivery of Cheese - normally we vacuum pack most slices of cheese and send these with ambient goods. Waxed cheeses are not vacuum packed. On occasion, depending on the type of cheese and time of the year, we will further package cheese in a thermal wrap together with a cool pack.
Costs of delivery of ambient products and some fresh produce is Chf 12.00 including packaging. Delivery is with Planzer courier and takes between 1 to 2 days to complete. We cannot guarantee delivery the next day with this option, however, most deliveries that are collected between Monday and Thursday with Planzer will arrive the next day. Collections on Friday will only arrive on Monday, so we avoid dispatching goods before the weekend.

Frozen delivery

Frozen (and certain fresh) products are delivered in quality compact foam packaging, including an ice block to help them remain as cool as possible. Thawing does occur (at different rates according to the time of the year), and some products thaw faster and further in the process than others. However, refreezing of certain products is suitable, and those that don't get refrozen do well being stored in the refrigerator for a further few days before consumption. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding your delivery.

Express delivery

In cases when you might need your ambient goods or cheese to arrive as quickly as possible, please choose "Express (next day before 9am) delivery with Post" at checkout. This option is also available if you'd like to receive your goods on Saturday when ordering before 1pm on Friday.