About us

When a Yorkshireman arrived in Switzerland more than ten years ago with the idea of introducing British Cheese to an intensely loyal Swiss-cheese-loving nation, people thought he was crazy. Today the British Cheese Deli is firmly rooted in the hearts and souls of its community.

Nestled under the Viadukt in Zurich, our wonderfully intimate bar offers one the opportunity to pair incredible British and Irish cheese with beer, cider or a glass of white wine; or if only to relax and to sip on a pint of "Prince" - our very own smooth and refreshing Yorkshire Pale Ale.

Famous food brands like Heinz, Marmite, Tate & Lyles; or traditionally made Back bacon, Cumberland and other traditional pork sausages, black pudding, and an incredible range of homemade pies, adorn our shelves and fridges for those who might long for a taste of foods originating from around the British Isles.

We stock award winning sparkling wines from Gusbourne and Camel Valley; a variety of port wines that serve beautifully with a slice of outstanding Colson Bassett Blue Stilton; and a collection of cheeses and accompaniments from the UK and Ireland that is unlikely to be found anywhere else in Switzerland.

If there's a particular British, Irish or even South African (we also stock a small variety of Irish, South African and American products) product that you are in search of, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our "How can we help you?" page. 

The British Cheese Deli is part of The British Fine Food Company Sarl