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Blackwood Graceburn Marinated Soft Cheese 250g

Blackwood Graceburn Marinated Soft Cheese 250g

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A luscious, creamy soft cheese, marinated in herb-infused oil. 

Graceburn is a superbly soft and rich cheese, based on a Persian Feta recipe, and made by David Holton at Blackwoods Cheese Company in Kent.

David has based his dairy on Common Work Organic Farm, which has a herd of Friesian Holsteins, cross-bred with Swedish Red and Montbeliarde cattle. This milk provides the perfect balance of butter fat and proteins, which makes it particularly suitable for creating this super-creamy, fresh cheese.

Initially, David soaks the fresh cheeses in brine. Unlike traditional Feta, which is preserved in larger blocks, Graceburn is broken by hand into smaller pieces, and steeped in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and rapeseed oil, infused with thyme, garlic, bay and pepper.

The rich and creamy cows’ milk makes Graceburn softer and more melt-in-the-mouth than traditional Feta

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